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Benefits of having a Coworking office in Colombia

Coworking spaces or collaborative work are areas where entrepreneurs, freelancers, small, medium, and large companies rent for a specific period, because they are strategically designed with all the features and furniture necessary to increase the concentration, productivity, and welfare of its users.

In Colombia it has been evidenced that, although coworking is not something new, it has grown exponentially due to the Coronavirus pandemic, since the work dynamics of the companies were forced to change suddenly. Companies resorted and are still resorting to informal work environments, either because of social distancing measures or the lack of budget to rent or buy a full office.  However, remote work is often not for everyone, as in some cases it causes lack of concentration, boredom, and a lack of motivation.

On the other hand, there are also companies that only need space to arrange business and for all these reasons Coworking has become more and more trendy or popular.

So… do you already know the main benefits of having a coworking office in Colombia?


The main and most attractive benefit is the significant cost reduction, comparing the rent of a traditional office to a coworking space or office. Since you normally must incur administrative and operating costs, contracts, and inflexible locations. In addition, coworking spaces not only adapt to your needs of tools, but also have flexible plans, that is, according to your budget and this will help all Colombian entrepreneurs to create remote business or sporadic offices.

Services can be offered throughout the country: If your intention is to do business throughout the country, it is necessary to look for coworking spaces in each city you visit, that way it will be more comfortable, professional, and reliable for both parties. Among the cities where you can find these spaces are Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, Barranquilla, among others…

Excellent location

Almost all coworking spaces have strategic locations, an indispensable factor since there is great accessibility to them, in addition to commercial services, restaurants, stores and others.

Variety of complementary services

In addition to all the amenities and tools with which each office or boardroom is equipped, for example, at SPACIO you will have broadband internet services, coffee service, receptionist, mail reception, work address domiciliation, general reception area, daily cleaning, maintenance, utilities, and local telephony.

Greater flexibility

Many of the companies that offer coworking spaces have flexible contracts, that is, you can hire from hourly spaces to wherever you want and your budget fits. This allows you not to be tied to one place. In addition, the contracts are simple, easy to understand and there is not a lot of paperwork or documentation.

Zero worries

Remember that a workspace or meeting space is essential when it comes to taking your business to the next level, but are you worried about having to set up an office and pay for all the furniture and utilities involved?  Coworking spaces are ideal for you, since you will have them for as long as you need them, whenever you need them.

To conclude, Coworking spaces in Colombia or anywhere in the world are an excellent alternative nowadays, since they allow a great work flexibility, a comfortable work environment and a professional design at very reasonable prices.  Remember that the success of business or collaborative work depends largely on the comfort of the team.
If you decided to try this new work methodology, SPACIO is for you. Here we offer you meeting rooms, offices and other services adapted to your needs and budget. Ask about our plans and we will make sure we have the perfect one for you!

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